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This is where we're supposed to tell you that we are the be-all and end-all of coffee roasters in the Northeast.  The truth is, there are many excellent roasters in our neck of the woods and some have been around far longer than we have.  Most turn out really good coffees and a select few produce excellent coffees just as we pride ourselves in doing.  So, what’s so different about us?  We would like to think several things allow us to stand out from the crowd.

First is our dedication to you!  We recognize that you are the most important part of our business and ultimately the reason we exist.  We are here to serve you, not the other way around.  To that end, we strive to get to know our customers on a more intimate level resulting in valuable friendships.  Our dedication to coffee excellence reflects our pride in the relationships we’ve made.

We are aware that not all of our customers have a profound knowledge of the ins and outs of the coffee world.  Some of you are incredibly knowledgeable and others are absolute “newbies” to the world of specialty coffee.  While many other companies are just happy to sell you your coffee and hope you enjoy consuming it, we want you to have FUN with coffee!  We want to help you in becoming your local neighborhood coffee expert.  To help that process along, we make lots of time available to ensure as best we can that all of your questions are answered and your needs are truly met.

We operate a beautiful state-of-the-art roastery here in Merrimack, NH.  Many of you have never had an opportunity to observe green coffee being tested, analyzed, roasted and cupped for quality…now you do.  If you will give us a day or so notice, we will take you through the plant from one end to the other and explain what we are doing—and why we do it!  While you are here, you will discover that we use a custom roaster built especially for us.  Many of the small roasters you see in boutique roasting plants have been purchased for considerably less than just the cost of the automation that controls our roaster!  With the aid of our computer automation, our roasts are painstakingly monitored in 6 second increments in an effort to ensure a predictably high quality that, most importantly, is consistent in flavor, balance and degree of roast.

If you randomly examine several bags of coffee, more often than not you will notice that one person’s “Medium Roast” is another person’s “Light Roast” or even labeled a “Dark Roast”.  So, how do many roasters determine the degree to which a coffee is supposed to be roasted? Basically by eyeballing it and guessing.  We use very expensive Agtron and Javalytics coffee roast analyzers to make that determination so we KNOW how our coffee rates both on the outside of the bean and on the inside as well.  When our bag says “Medium-Dark”, “Medium” or “Medium-Light” that’s exactly what it is…every time.  Have you ever bought nicely roasted coffee beans only to discover that, when you ground and brewed it, the coffee tasted weak and bitter?  Many times beans are nicely colored on the outside, but woefully under roasted and under developed on the inside; again, something you cannot tell by the “eyeball and guess method!"

No coffee leaves our roastery that does not work for us!  Our passion for producing quality coffee as well as our reputation necessitates that.  And, although some of you may not have yet developed your palates to the degree required to know what a properly prepared certain type of specialty coffee should taste like, I’m guessing that you have pretty well figured out what it should not taste like!  All it takes is enjoying an exquisite dinner that ends with a poor cup of coffee to make you appreciate what a great cup of coffee or espresso tastes like.  

Lastly, here's what we've discovered, most of the time excellence is found in the details.  It’s the little things that make us different; lots of little things that, when combined, often make a big difference.  You can expect great things from us!  That is a promise we will deliver on. 



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